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Meet Dr. Karen,
Your Pain Detective

I have been practicing chiropractic for over 25 years with the focus of my practice on finding the cause of my patients’ pain.

A History of Pain
My interest in alleviating pain started 50 years ago, long before becoming a chiropractor. My Aunt Kay experienced foot and ankle pain her entire life and was always searching for relief. I remember her saying, “if someone could get rid of my pain, I would pay a million dollars; the loan would be worth it.” That was my first introduction to people experiencing pain without a solution.

I never experienced pain personally until running the New York City marathon. Soon everything hurt, but especially my knees, hips and feet. Walking and going up/down stairs was nearly impossible, and this was a big problem since I was living in NYC.

A Revelation
I went to the top NYC specialists: two of them said that my running career was over and the third suggested exploratory surgery. I was desperate and decided to try a chiropractor. It changed everything! The chiropractor said my pain was caused by my old “comfy” shoes, the ones I used for training and running the marathon. There wasn’t much training information available in the 1980’s, so I would just put on my comfy shoes and run 50-60 miles a week. I trained for over a year in the same shoes!

The chiropractor explained those shoes affected my posture, hips, knees, and feet. Who would have thought that shoes could cause so much havoc on your body? Within a few weeks of being adjusted, I was back training for my next marathon.

My Second Act
I was so fascinated with my experience, I quit my sales job at the age of 40 and enrolled in chiropractic school. In 1995, I opened Dr. Karen’s Wellness Center with a focus on finding the causes and solutions for patient pain. Within a short period of time, my patients started calling me the “Pain Detective”.

Fulfilling A Dream
When I retired, I had the opportunity to fulfill my dream to write a book, Pain Relief from Head to Toe, which I hope will benefit EVERY PERSON who suffers from pain.

Learn what’s causing your pain.

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