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A few comments from readers:dr karen book cover

“Once I started using arch supports in my shoes my knee pain got better. Thanks, grandma Karen.” —Jake Mignosa

“Dr. Karen draws from a vast storehouse of knowledge gleaned from years of experience as both chiropractor and naturopath. Great news for those suffering from everyday pain to chronic pain.” —Dr. Barbara Quadlander

“This book is a MUST READ for anyone in pain. Dr. Karen offers easy solutions that will change your life. I’m suggesting to all my patients that they read this book for the great information if offers.” —Dr. Brenda Hooper

“Dr. Karen has a unique way of taking a complex subject and presenting it in a clear way that the average person can understand and implement a solution. Dr. Karen not only helped me with my back problems, but eliminated the need for foot surgery.” —Darlene Shipe

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